Infertility Counseling

Infertility Counseling

Infertility Counseling

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Helping couples navigate the ups and downs of infertility and infertility treatment in a supportive environment.  I work with you and your doctor to help you through the emotional and physical challenges inherent in this process.

Approximately 10% of the population of reproductive age have infertility issues. Unanticipated difficulties conceiving can create life issues that are very distressing and can lead to depression, anxiety, anger and feelings of worthlessness. I can help.

With over 15 years of working with individuals and couples struggling with infertility in Hawaii, I am an expert at helping people resolve emotional issues, navigate through medical procedures due to infertility and conquer the challenges of adoption and post-partum disorders.

If you’re ready to start the healing process or are in the middle of your journey, I encourage you to reach out to me. I’m always available and offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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