Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

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Assist couples in alternating their focus on the way the relationship is understood, allowing  them to see destructive patterns and move towards more meaningful and adaptive ways of relating to each other.

 Lesbian Couple FightingSo here you’ve found yourself: You love your mate very much, but you just can’t seem to get along. Every conversation ends in an argument and your sex life is suffering more than you are.

I understand. I’ve been teaching couples how to communicate, listen and negotiate their needs for over 15 years.

I look at the couple’s issues from a systemic view and not from a “you said/I said” approach.  There is no labeling and each person has their own reality or perception as to what the issue may be.  I equally hear both sides out and make sure that no one feels as if they are not being heard.

 We’ve all heard it before: The key to a healthy relationship is communication. When communication breaks down it can puts distance between the people involved, damaging the relationship.

Couples therapy teaches you to communicate in a more effective manner. Skills like listening and compromising are enforced so that disagreements can be settled in a way that leaves both sides feeling better

Intimacy issues are another reason a couple may consider therapy. It is a difficult issue to bring up for many people and involves many sensitive topics. A therapist can help by asking the right questions and putting the couple at ease when discussing such a personal subject.

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