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Carlyn Tamura

Maybe you're feeling "stuck" in your life, can't seem to recover from a recent break-up or just want some help navigating your emotions. Or maybe you're a parent, struggling with how to both support AND discipline your teenage girl, and not doing either very well.

I can help.

For the past 15 years, I've been practicing psychology and I love what I do. These last 15 years have taught me:

Suffering comes from not finding a balance between our inner and outer lives. This imbalance produces frustration, anger and hopelessness.

When an individual is allowed to open up, in a safe trusting space, with acceptance and curiosity, they experience a freedom.This freedom brings change and stability, allowing the individual to grow.

Growth only happens when we are each "met," and allowed to truly be.

Good therapy requires knowing when to "hold" and when to "push"

When I sense my clients' are ready, whether couples, families or individuals, I might ask them to go just a little bit out of their safety zone to experience another approach or way of being. I usually find the support and acceptance I provide, helps them be willing to take the small risks that are important for change.

I bring a deep level of caring, energy and curiosity to all my clients' needs and concerns.

family therapy in hawaii

Much of my perspective comes from my own struggles of growing up Hapa in Hawaii and having to navigate my Hawaiian-Chinese family AND my Portuguese-Haole family. Each family had different ways of being, different languages and different expectations. On top of that, were the influences of my teachers, friends and the media, and I felt very pushed and pulled!

As I got older, I kept those struggles in the forefront of my mind, reminding me that I am in the middle of constant back and forth and I need to work at continuing to find myself among the greater overlapping cultures, families and others.

If you're ready to be met, held and/or pushed, I'm ready for you.

Working with me is about you opening up to me, and me guiding you into a place where you find answers, inspiration and clarity.

I use a variety of modalities to find the answers you seek, and my main style of therapy comes from a Family Systems Therapy. This approach holds that individuals are inseparable from their network of relationships. My sessions are focused, productive and often very goal oriented. We work together to get to the root of the issue and when you're pau, I'm pau!

Ready to find out more?

I'm always available and I feel privileged to assist people in fully realizing their joys and well-being.

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Dr. Carlyn Tamura, PsyD.
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